Award-winning illustrator & visual designer with a master’s degree in digital media.

As a creativepreuneur and visual designer,
I help clients grow their business with design thinking approach.
Tell your problem & goals, so I can suggest my creative ideas

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“Elevate your brand with a signature touch. As a designer, I specialize in crafting unique logos that seamlessly blend creativity and identity. Let’s distill your essence into a powerful visual symbol that leaves a lasting impression. Your brand, beautifully designed.”

“Not only make a logo, I also design brand from scratch start from research, clarify strategy, make brand identity, and deliver to the touchpoint (media). I also do a rebranding by audit the brand.”

“Packaging is one of crucial aspect for business. I have much concern on it. The voice and tone, typography, visual style, brand color, etc. I design packaging to make the brand standout.”

“Elevate your online presence with expertly crafted website interfaces. I design visually stunning, user-friendly experiences that leave a lasting impression. Let’s bring your ideas to life!”

“Unlock the power of visual storytelling with my digital illustration expertise. I create captivating visuals that bring ideas to life. Elevate your projects with unique and expressive illustrations tailored to your vision. Let’s turn your imagination into captivating digital art.”

“Capturing stories at first glance. I specialize in crafting captivating book covers and content illustrations. From compelling visuals that draw readers in to interior artwork that enhances your narrative, I bring your words to life with artistic finesse. Let’s create a visual masterpiece for your book.”

“Animating tales, one frame at a time. As an illustrator, I bring your book to life with short, captivating animations. Transform your story into a dynamic visual experience, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your narrative. Let’s animate your words and create a truly immersive journey for your readers.”

“Bringing stories to life through vivid visuals. I specialize in dynamic comics and visual storytelling, turning ideas into captivating adventures. Let’s create your narrative masterpiece together.”


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